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danoush tehrani of LAWATCHES and UNIVERSAL WATCHES is in the greater los angeles area.after a consumer dispute, Danoush attempted to extort a refund from me.

He threatened to destroy my reputation if I didn't comply with his demand for payment. I was unable to meet his demand and he visited various 5 blogs, consumer complaint web sites and review web sites. he totally ruined my reputation that has taken 15 years to build. this has cut my income in half and I have lost many business opportunities.

my family has suffered as well as my employees. this behavior needs to be banned by law and google has to stop supporting this behavior. he works at LAWATCHES and UNIVERSAL WATCHES as a staff accountant.

If he gets mad at them he will terrorize their reputation.avoid this individual at all costs

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former baldman or Dr. OCH why you keep changing your name and review your own business if there is nothing fishy about your practice.


I have never seen a try and retaliate by leaving bad reviews for his patient.

This says it all about this Dr. reputation.

I had a surgery and after the surgery went terribly bad, I asked for my money back or another surgery.this doctor ignored my numerous requests and I therefore decided to share my experience with others so they dont make the same mistake.


I had a good experience with this dr



who are you? I dont have a patient named Joe.


I also had a terrible result with this Doctor. I do feel you Danoush and hope such drs like him can one day be penalized for what they do.

San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica #192402

as a former patient of dr ochs, I am very happy with my result as are several of my friends. :)


Wow!I can not beleive this Ochs guy.

Dr Ochs is an absolute liar.He says that he can not fullfill my demand for $5000 and I caused him to lose half of his business.


dr Ochs is a liar who was in businesss of ripping off people.Dr Ochs from Ochs hair transplant made my life miserable by charging me approximatley $10000, my hard working money, and giving me a terrible result.

When I asked only for half of my money , he declined. You can see my pictures by googling my name.

Some one had to stop him from lying and I am glad I did it.Now that he left this review, he will be contacted by my attorney:) this is what I was waiting for.

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